Row covers are now available that are light weight, easy to store when not used, easy to use, gives the gardener worried about unseasonable freezes an edge, and reduces the need for overwatering, they reduce evaporation from wasted irrigation. Like all additions to the gardeners tool kit, row covers do need to be set out before you need them, and you will need some room to store them when the summer growing season is on. Certain crops subject to sunburn can benefit with row covers that provide a bit of shade as well. While not as lightweight and easy to use, gardeners for years have used schedule 40 PVC pipe and 1 mil plastic to make hoop style row cover. PVC and 3 mil plastic need a method of keeping them in place, and our reservations are the same as those with 6 mil or 10 mil plastic. The sun eats their elasticity rapidly, the get brittle and the wind finishes matters after as little as one, two at most, intense summers like we experience in our growing region.