Cold Hardy Food All Winter

We have been enjoying Swiss Chard all winter, along with spinach and Broccoli florets. We have already planted our cold hardy winter greens and veggies for spring time eating. Gardening in the Rogue valley is easy especially when you a propagation house consider our “Rogue model” or buy some fabric and make row covers (3,4,6 mil) call us for pricing and ask us about our volume discount.

Spring time Starts 2013

Our personal progress with growing food in our “Rogue model”   With these images you can clearly see what you too can accomplish.

February in the Garden


This is the time of year when many of us are buried in seed catalogs. Those of us who are forcing starts in many cases have already started, or will start soon. So if you have not inventoried your saved seed, and filled your seed order locally or by catalog, and plan to have robust starts by the time the ground warms up, get going.

Anna and I will start propagating mid February for robust starts to go into the ground in May, weather permitting. We use the rubberized heat mats to hold the soil temperature constant, and hang 10” pots off the upper purlins, the warmest natural place in most greenhouses or cold frames. (more…)