TekFoil Reflective/Bubble/Reflective (R/B/R) – 4′ x 125′

tekfoil reflective insulation

“Tek Foil is a great Insulator that uses the sun to help heat your Greenhouse in the cold seasons.” – Rick

Keeping the heat where it belongs is easy with TekFoilTM Reflective Insulation.  Designed for installation in your greenhouse, use it between or over framing members, on walls, floors and ceilings. TekFoilTM can be installed with existing insulation, Reducing air infiltration and is a perfect vapor barrier. Keeps the heat inside in winter and outside in summer, making the climate much more stable for your plants.

TekFoilTM stops radiant heat flow by both reflectivity (97% reflective) and emissivity (only 3% emissive).

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